Ellie Bridges

Ellie Bridges

Ellie Bridges is one of those artists the internet just can seem to get enough of at the moment

If you are one of those that happen to spend some time on Instagram, you may have seen or at least unknowingly come across some of his work. Ellie Bridges is one seriously talented artist hailing from, Washington USA. His ability to draw and capture the look of the bootylicious female has made him quiet the star.

His work goes under the name Slantdvishun and is instantly recognizable as bold and clean. Ellie describes his art as a mix of two different animation styles that work very well together.




“I call what I do “re-envishunism”. My style is a light mixture between japanimation and American cartoonism, I feel that there are tons of artists, but how can you prosper from being an artist if you cant be identified by your works? There’s money in replicating established artists styles, but no glory.”



Ellie admits to being a huge fan of the female form and is humbled by the amount of attention and requests he gets to draw fans. Curves and booty are what he truly enjoys sketching, with an ability to turn a woman’s body into a hypersexual figure with thick hips and crazy thin waists.






After finishing a stint in the Army and now having a young family to look has kept him focused on the future. The next step is to turn Slantdvishun into a recognizable brand with sketchbooks, magazines and even calendars in the pipe.


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