The two Brazilian women addicted to cum and piss

São Jose dos Pinhais is a lovely little place located 350 km’s south of  Brazil’s famous São Paulo city.

The place is sure to have scrumptious food and all that…but

São Jose dos Pinhais is also the home to two women who have taken things a little further than the average street hustler, or at least a little further than most would admit.

The two girls have managed to find a market for the average John who is…well., into or after something a little bit kinkier.

Priscila and Fernanda have managed to carve out a niche market and fulfill a personal desire for downing fluids.

The São Jose girls have also in the process managed to gain somewhat of celebrity following, the duo manages a list of clients overflowing from sources like Fetlife and Twitter.

The two spoken openly  about what they are into and enjoy

“You can do anything you want with me”


“I will often let men fuck me in adult theaters and sex-shops.” “Often I’ll go out with my clothes, my face and all my holes covered and filled with jizz.” “It’s kinda nasty when cum drips from me and onto the street.”

“I never wear panties so you guys can fuck me quick and easy.”

This is the kind of attitude that has made the girls well known in the local area


“I love to feel it all over my body, I love it when guys spray cum all over my face, in my mouth, I love the taste of it sliding down my throat.”

“I also love it when people piss on me.” I love being used like a urinal.”

“If you like you can fuck me, cum on me, then wash me off by pissing all over me.” “I just love being used in every way possible.”

“I love the taste of piss like I love the taste of cum, I’ll drink yours or even my own piss.”








“The service I provide is available for private sessions at a home with you and a few of your friends or parties with many guys.” “Let me be the party favor.” “That service starts at around $500”

“I’ll get on my hands and knees and lap my piss up from a bowl like a dirty dog, My dream is to be hosed down with cum and piss from dozens of guys”.

“We love it when guy’s masturbate over our photos”


So there you have it…

If you happen to be in Brazil and around São Jose dos Pinhais and think Priscila and Fernanda your type of thing be sure to get onto the girl’s twitter page or online contacts.


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