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10 Things Every Pro FemDom Hates

The S&M scene is populated by Subs, Switches, and Dominates (Dom’s) and a tonne of other orientations. If you have been into the scene for some time you will probably know a few Dom’s by now. Most people are stirred by the image of the assertive and confident Dominate, popularized by E.L James novel fifty shades of grey. But If you are a new sub and looking to stir your curiosity and book a professional, here are a few of the things you should steer clear of if you are looking to keep your Sub/Dom relationship happy and peachy

 Asking for sex

Asking for sex is not what your Dom is for, sure some might make exceptions at the end when your about to pop, but the majority see this as a no-no. Your there to be dominated and put into place. To feel what it’s like to be under the power of a superior. Your submissive and enjoy taking what your Dom is giving out to you. If you’re after sex, you need to call a hooker not your Dom.


Not being committed

Discussing your kinks and what really gets you off is all part of what your Dom should, and want to do, but if your asking continued questions over and over for fantasy sake with no real intention of booking, you’re wasting their valuable time. If you’re not yet serious enough to book, stick to getting your fantasy fix elsewhere.


Asking for short notice

Calling at the last minute and expecting service at the drop of a hat is not only disrespectful but irritating. A quality session needs to be booked in advance, the mood set and expectations laid out. If you are booking at the last minute and expect everything to work out fine you are more often then not going to be disappointed.


Comparing tributes

Your Dom knows their worth and you should respect that. Just because you had a session last time with someone who was cheaper does not mean you should start comparing the two. The saying goes you get what you pay for in life and that is usually the case. If you are not happy with the service, its best to bring it up later in a more formal setting. If the price/service cannot be worked out, its probably time to look elsewhere

Asking stupid questions

To have the best possible experience between you and your Dom communication needs to be maximized. The better the understanding of your desires and how to mentally stimulate you the more amazing the experience is going to be. Stick to quality questions, not annoying time wasting gibberish. Again, you’re wasting their time.



You’re here for an amazing experience you have been looking forward to for possibly weeks, not here to complain. If you’re going to complain its best to let it out beforehand, to friends, family..whoever. Not here.


Wimping out

If you’re asking for no mercy, you should be able to take what you’ve asked for. Asking for no mercy and then wimping out is like asking for a family pizza and then eating one slice. You said you wanted it, you said you could take it. Stop being a wimp


last-minute cancellations

Planning a professional session takes time, and time is money. Cancelling at the last minute is not cool, not cool at all. Exceptions can be made..I’m sick, things have come up etc but cancelling at the last minute with no or a vague excuse is a sure-fire way to keep your relationship not peachy.


Being late

Being late comes under respect, again you have booked your time and things have been arranged, the least you can do is be on time. Again, things happen, traffic, work etc but being late regularly is going to wear thin.

Drunk and on drugs

Everyone like to have a few drinks and indulge a little, and for some first-timers a few drinks to put things at ease is almost a certainty, but arriving completely drunk or off your rail on drugs is not going to make a great first impression. Quality is going to be jeopardized and things will rarely go as planned. If you need to indulge, wait till after the session.

What do you think? Any more to add?

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