A Conversation With Skittles And Her Master

Skittles, a prominent slave in the kink community talked with us briefly about the beautiful relationship she has built with her master

C) You and your master have a great relationship. Can you tell us how long you have been in the lifestyle?

S) My Master found me in late February 2016. He saved me from my former life that March. We have the most amazing relationship, the most honest and open I have ever had. He has always allowed me to speak up and express how I feel without any consequences. He has nurtured me and grown me into the submissive I am today and I am forever in this service and grateful to him. Not only in the Darkness, but he has also encouraged me in the Vanilla world. He has seen me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I trust him above all others. He is my absolute rock. My Soul Mate, My best friend, my lover and my Master.


C) How did you and your master meet?

S) We met through some mutual friends at a vanilla event. I had actually seen him at a similar event some weeks prior. I had been talking to our mutual friends, and he seemed to dismiss me when he joined the conversation. I will never forget that. I had this feeling of “who the hell is this guy” along with “whoa, this guy is sexy, and I need to find out more about him”. I was attracted to him instantly. He was (and of course still is) charismatic, intelligent, sexy, and I think the fact that he seemed uninterested piqued my interest. At that time I was the kind of girl who enjoyed a challenge when it came to men. His dismissal of me was like a red flag to a bull.

C) What has been your greatest experiences so far together as sub and master?

S) Every moment I get to spend with Master is the greatest experience. However, notably, the first time I fell into subspace and was able to take a vicious caning from Master was certainly memorable. The first time I felt the sting of the crop on my ass. That day we took a bunch of pics. He loves to have me pose and take photos of me. He makes me feel so beautiful and desired. Also, the first time Master told me he was in love with me. What girl, submissive or not, would not love hearing that for the first time from the man you are head over heels in love with?


C) Do you have any other areas that you would like to explore together?

S) Only about a month ago we purchased our first Latex pieces. It drove Master crazy when I took off my vanilla clothing to reveal the latex outfit. I would like to get a few more pieces as time goes on. I think I would be willing to try most things, and we have not explored a whole lot. We love what we have and the parts of the lifestyle we already experience and participate in. If Master ever wants to try other aspects, I will be there with him to explore together. We do everything together as a partnership. We have had a female toy join us, and we have had another man join us as a Sir, and I have also had impact sessions with other Dom’s on Masters request.

C) Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy outside of the lifestyle?

S) I do actually take part in pottery classes. And no, there has not been any Ghosts that I am aware of embracing me whilst I have been doing it.


Do you own a particular favorite piece of fetish wear that you adore? what is it? can you describe it to us?

S) The single, above all else, most important piece of fetish wear I have is the collar that my Master selected for me. We call my collar BB which is short for Black Beauty. I wear the collar to bed every night, and it is always with me. It is black leather, around 5cm wide with a buckle on the back and studs along each edge and down the middle. There is a large O ring at the front… You can see it in a lot of my photos on Fetlife. When we cannot be together physically, we are always bonded by the adornments that Master has selected for me. I have a matching set of necklace and Earrings and I always get my left pinky fingernail painted black at the salon. They are all symbols of Masters ownership of me. Reminders that I am owned by the most magnificent Master. That he chose me to be his life slut, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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  • Cody P
    Posted at 12:06h, 14 February Reply

    Skittles really is lucky to have such an amazing master. I have seen her on Fetlife previously, would love to be collared and OWNED also!!

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