All Pinkie Needs Is Babygirl Time

Some people love staying young and innocent, the feeling of vulnerability along with the tenderness of being looked after by a dominate, nurturing and caring partner is just when things feel right in the world.

Pinkie Kiki identifies as a true babygirl, and is right at home in her daddys arms or curled up watching another re-run of her favourite episode of My little pony.

We spoke with Pinkie a little about her life and fantasies

C) Can you tell us a little about yourself Pinkie?

P) I’ve always been a little Babygirl hehe I’ve always felt right at home rolling in glitter and lying with my unicorns! And always eating candy, like everywhere it’s a problem.

I was and still am that one friend who seems a little overly obsessed with Disney and pink everything forever lol.

Although I tried to deny my love for pink many times growing up lol I even died my hair purple once (gaassp!). At the same time though, I’m that one friend who shamelessly embraces everything, leading me to kinda finally really defining my babygirliness this past year! hehe


C) What’s your favourite thing to do as a Babygirl?

P) My favorite thing to do as a Babygirl…it’s pretty easy to make my dimples pop all on my own I must admit hehe.

Usually something along the lines of getting dolled up for any random reason hehe and cuddling up in my princess perfect bed with a MLP ( My Little Pony) marathon (oh my gosh the amount of MLP marathons I have regularly probably isn’t considered marathons at that point thouuugh hehe. And added booty rubs from Daddy for extra amazing babygirliness time!


C) Do you hve a favourite Babygirl fantasy?

P) Of courrse I have a favorite Babygirl fantasy! I can be a lil stubborn at times, I just love being put in my place and I’ll admit some times I’ll purposely act up to get a lil extra discipline, but I never get quiet enough discipline to be honest.

I’m always fantasizing about being spanked to tears, till I jump when Daddy says jump..followed by a bit of forced orgasm play, I’m very stubborn there hehe but I just need Daddy to tie me down with my vibrator and force my eyes to sparkle before finally finish off this wet Little mess with any kind of DP, I juss need to be completely taken over sometimes hehe and the cherry on top, getting rubbed back down to earth and listening to Daddy praise his Babygirl for being the bestest baby!


C) You have a special thing for liengerie, do you design it yourself? Where can we look at it?

P) I dooo have a special thingy for lingerie, since like blowing silly boys minds in my small country town high school growing up hehe I was always a bit different. And then sewing was just even more of a forever thingy, breaking contracts in my commercial acting career to learn anything and everything about sewing.

I am sooo silly that it took me until just recently to combine all the obvious! Hehe! Yesssie I design every Little piece and I handmake every piece and order personally!

I grew learning the family matriarchal trade, and I love the timelessly special handmade aspect of clothing, so I try my hardest to bring back a bit of the handmade world while opening up my Little world. Little Lingerie can be found at the new website www.notyourdolly.com with my winter lingerie collection launching November Fri 17th!


C) What does a baby girl do when not being innocent and cute?

Hmmm hehe what do I do when I’m not being all innocent and super cute… using my smart little mouth to talk back to Daddy till he holds me down and forces me to choke on my words with Daddy as faar down my throat as he desires, cuz I’m a good Babygirl at heart hehe

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