Arielle Aquinas Can’t Get Enough Of The Cuckold Life

Cuckolding used to be something rarely talked about, but lately, more couples are exploring and turning to the life to fill a void and add serious satisfaction to their relationships. Adding an extra man or woman into the relationship mix can create a mix of emotions, bringing out a primal lust that often fades in longer-term relationships.

We spoke with Arielle Aquinas, a woman/ pornstar who has taken to this path and can’t seem to get enough.

C) Tell us a bit about why you love the cuckolding so much?

A) I’m not really sure where my love of cuckolding got started. I think it must have to do with that fact that I was a Dominatrix for so long, and love humiliating men. But now I’m also a bimbo submissive and love being used like a fuckdoll by men with huge cocks. Cuckolding combines both of those interests for me, so I get the whole package! Getting everything you want is very fulfilling.

arielle520C) What has been one of the hottest situation you have been involved in so far?

A) I really love one on one scenes where I make the cuck wear a strap-on and fuck me with a huge dildo. Something about me using them to cum but them not getting any of the pleasure really gets me going!

arielle507C) Can you tell us about any particular fantasies you would still love to act out?

A) Omg so many! Especially something along the lines of a huge gangbang (a feature in MOST of my fantasies) and a very obedient “cleanup” crew. If you get my meaning. lol

arielle544C)Has it been difficult finding a suitable bull- (Male lover) for you to play with?

A) I’m married, so my husband can act as my bull most of the time, but as I work in porn I have endless big-dicked studs at my disposal.

Links below are to Arielle Aquinas work. Enjoy!


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