Attractive Woman On FetLife Never Gets Hit On

Fetlife the social networking site for kinky types has blasted into the spotlight this week with the latest in outrageous claims from an attractive 25-year-old female member of the site.

We recently spoke to the female member who has wished to remain anonymous.

“No one wants to shag me”

“I’ve has never been hit on once whilst using the site. Not even a sleazy glancing comment or a one-liner.”

“I have massive tities and a badonkadonk booty, usually I get hit on all the time. That hasn’t happened lately.”


The woman recently joined the networking site in hopes of finding a casual fling or even a wannabe Dom.

“I like it when guys just say ..wanna fuck? or can I suck those fun bags? But nothing.”

“I’d like a Dom. Even one that lives with his mum and has never even had a Dom/Sub relationship. I’m even attracted to guys that have no face or body shots on their profile, just random pics, and quotes.”

“I don’t like to interesting bios are boring.”

“I also go crazy over dick pics! Lots and lots of dick pics all from the same angle!”


The woman who resides in Antarctica also remarked that she wished more people would move to her icy capped location in order to find a good D/S relationship.

“I came here for the brisk winters, tinned foods, and penguins. But now I’m just wishing more members would move here and spank me..its a shame.”


 Attractive woman’s FetLife account


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