Bob Roos Has The Best Job On The Planet

Some people dabble in photography. Others fall short and sell their twice used SLR on eBay.

On occasion, people find their niche and make their mark. Bob Roos, creator, and photographer of and Rubber Restrained has managed to do so and has been in the fetish photography scene for over twenty years.

His love of the Japanese rope art form Shibari and photographing models wearing nothing but rubber has allowed him to travel the world and provided a variety of locations and models to shoot.


I spoke with Bob briefly from his home in the Netherlands, about his passion for all things rubber and how he manages to produce some of the incredible Shibari scenes.

“Generally I meet up with models at parties and events. If there is a mutual interest in working together, we try and set it up. Sometimes it takes years before we can shoot. Sometimes it happens straight away.”


Bobs work has even made its way into top fetish mags in England, Germany, Sweden, Spain and even Japan


His rope work is some of the best I have seen online, the knots are incredibly intricate and precise.

On being asked if he enjoys shooting any other types of photography other than fetish, he replied

“Not really. Working with people that have a similar interest and create awesome material is… well… .awesome :)”


Links for more of Bobs work below




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