Cinnamon Anarchy Tells Us About Her Love For Cum Facials

Cinnamon Anarchy is a woman who loves nothing more than cum on her face. We had a talk with her to find out a little more about her past and what makes her tick

C) Can you tell us about your kinkiest experience so far?

CA) My journey has been an intense one, to say the least! I have so many to choose from, I’ve been a kinkster just about as far back as I can remember.

As a child, I remember experimenting with girlfriends kissing, licking and tasting each other as dares then it turned into much more.

Sucking my first boyfriend off in the back seat of a school bus and never getting caught.

My first time ever having vaginal penetration from a male, was while having a female-male-female threesome after his senior prom (I was a freshman). We had the threesome on someone’s front lawn for everyone at the party’s viewing pleasure. Then proceeding to the graveyard and getting fucked mercilessly on the cold green grass under the full moon.

A few of my most memorable would have to be the following,

So I have this artist friend, I had been crushing on for years, I could tell that he was an all together class A-dom.

I divulged to him that I had always had this fascination for facials, specifically where a man blows his load directly into a woman’s face.. I explained I always had a fetish for cum shots to the face but unfortunately I had never gotten one.. he was determined to make my fantasy a reality.

He picked me up and we went for a ride, he knew I wanted him so bad, I was getting wet just thinking about his big thick manhood entering my mouth.

He took me into his studio and gave me a tour.

He guided me up the stairs, unable to contain myself I playfully groped his manly ass on the way up.

He took me to the employee lounge and we kissed passionately, I worked my way down his body, unzipped his pants and pulled out his shaft and started to lick it up and down and kissed his throbbing dick head. As things got hotter after fucking me to the point of orgasm 6 solid times simultaneously. He ordered me to sit still and proceeded to finish leaving a nice white creamy load all over my face.
This picture is in my profile on Fetlife

Another would have to be a kinky night with the Darkhearts as seen in a picture on my page. The night started in an upper floor inner city apartment, my girlfriends had just finished showing me their enormous treasure trove of toys, bondage gear, thuddy toys, paddles whips, ropes, a horse sized dildo with the girth of a leg, I was envious of the treasure chest they possessed.
They guided me over to their scene room where there was bondage gear and an anal hook hung from the ceiling. They said “he will be here soon” and the excitement increased. They explained that he was a pain slut and needed to be punished. I grinned from ear to ear.
After enjoying a few drinks we heard a knock and she went to the door to let him in. A clean cut well-dressed businessman in need of release. We welcomed him in poured him a shot and coaxed him into the dungeon.
Stripped him naked, tied his nuts shackled and anally hooked him into place.
She handed me a flogger and urged me to use it.
As I beat him he begged for more, the harder I hit, the harder he got.
The abuse went on, his hindquarters were turning the shade of a candy apple.
He begged us to let him orgasm. We unleashed him and told him he could only cum if he jerked off into his own face. So we held up his legs and proceeded to degrade him as he wanked and creamed all over his own face. The pleasured look on his face was priceless.
After he left, I ordered the Darkhearts to fuck for my pleasure and guided them both to completion.


C) So tell us about hottest fantasy and what it involves

CA) Ohhh sooo many fantasies.. where to start.. do I have to
Chose just one 😁

I would say that it would be creating a bondage castle similar to the Playboy mansion but much more BDSM. Where I housed many hot wanton horny women made them all wear renaissance clothing and enjoyed nightly orgies with an extremely lucky man.


C) What do you get up too when you’re not being hot and nasty?

CA) When I’m not being hot and nasty I’m creating art. Haunting through graveyards, enjoying horror and porn, and travelling the world.

Cinnamon Anarchy art: featuring Charles Manson
Cinnamon Anarchy art: featuring Charles Manson


Cinnamon Anarchy FetLife Page

  1. Besides being a beautiful woman you are definitely a great writer. I’m not sure if it was just the topic or the depths of detail you went into but I truly enjoyed it!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story! I live very close to an art museum in Fitchburg. Would love to take you on a date there if you were interested. You are an inspiration to us all 🙂

  3. She is a super kinky and sweet girl, I am gonna contrite to her boob job fund . btw Do you have secret private KINKY group in facebook ?

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