Fetlifer talks about wishing to be pissed on

FunInTheBuns caught up with us to discuss some of her latest fantasies and how she is still wanting someone to pee on her.

C) When did you first realize exactly how kinky you are?

I discovered I was into being a sub about 5 years ago, that was the first time I was fucked by a man that really took control and basically used me. It was a huge turn on. It started with the typical hair pulling, choking, spanking and really rough sex.

Then when I discovered FetLife, about 3 years ago, I really started to learn more about kinks.

C) what is your dirtiest fantasy? Can you tell us about it?

Picking a dirtiest is tough because dirty can mean a lot. I guess right now my dirtiest fantasy is about “water sports”. I’d love to be taken by a Dom that completely uses and degrades me. I love the thought of being pissed all over. The thought of being showered in urine and forced to drink a man’s piss is a turn on because it’s like the ultimate form of degradation for his pleasure.

Feeling pinchy
Feeling pinchy

C) How long have you been into this fantasy?

I’ve been watching piss play porn and fantasizing about that for about two years now.

Heaven is real
Heaven is real

C) Is there anything you would love to try in the kink scene, but haven’t yet?

There is so much that I want to try but haven’t. I don’t go out and socialize much and it can be hard to meet people online because I live in a fairly remote area compared to much bigger cities. I’m also a full-time single mom, work full time and attend school full time. I want to keep my private sexual life completely separate from my family life so that limits my availability. When it comes down to it I’m open to anything besides serious pain and injury and I wouldn’t be open to full on scat play.

My main kink is submission, so anything that involves me serving others and doing things for others pleasure is a turn on for me. Basically, if you like it and want it done because it turns you on, me doing it for you will turn me on.

Sometimes the more I really don’t want to do it, the more it turns me on because I know it’s what you want, even though you know I don’t want to do it.

The presents are wrapped
The presents are wrapped

I’ve done some live cam shows here and there. I was surprisingly turned on when I was doing a private show for a man that was getting his rocks off while watching me fuck my asshole with a big rubber dick. At one point he ordered me to take it out of my ass. When he noticed there was some mess on it he ordered me to suck it clean. It was so gross and I hated the taste and smell but since he wanted it so badly I got really wet doing it for him. I think that combined with the fact that he gave me a big tip to do it, kinda made me feel like a cheap whore, very hot. I would be up for more ass to mouth play and like I mentioned, the piss play.

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