Why You Should Be A FetLife Member

For anyone looking to entertain their kinky side and meet with other fellow kinksters and fetish enthusiasts, you should definitely look into joining the site called Fetlife.

The site is currently not accepting new members due to a spate of increasing spam accounts coming onto the site, but once back up and operating it is worth checking out.

The site is pretty much a kinky version of Facebook with gallery’s, events and a tonne of other members to meet and share information, videos, and blogs with.



Once becoming a member of the site, you will be asked a few key questions to help others work out what your sexual orientation is and what you’re looking for on the site. It’s always best to try and fill out a bit about yourself so that other members can gain a better insight into what it is you like. If you happen to fill out your profile, add a few photos and a brief outline about yourself you are sure to get people messaging and commenting on your feed.


The domain now has well over four and a half million members and counting. The site is also jam-packed with all sorts of kinky and horny types, once a member you are bound to come across some amazing people and the occasional odd shady character. I joined the site in 2013 and have had some pretty amazing experiences using the site, most members are respectful and on the site of the right reasons.

There are some tricks in getting to know how to spot a “fake”  on the site and also in the community, as there can be the odd person who is there to exploit the ill-informed and newbies joining the scene. I hope to speak more about this in the next article


The site has every possible fetish you can imagine covered and more. It also allows you to quickly find other people that are into a specific type of fetish by allowing a group feature. Simply find and “join” a particular fetish group of interest to you, once you have joined the group you can talk and potentially meet thousands of other people that are all interested in the same kink. The networking that is available by others around you and the ability to see what everyone is liking and commenting on via a news feed is also a notable feature of the site.


Personally, I  can’t get enough of all the stunning amateurs out there looking to have fun and share what they have been up too.

Has anyone else had some crazy experiences from Fetlife?

If you happen to be a member or join, send me a friend request so I can see what all your kinky minds are up too

Collared FetLife Page

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