The low down with Mistress Devina Posh

Sometimes the most interesting stories are told by those who have been through the struggle of learning what it takes to succeed. One of those people is Mistress Devina Posh.

Peering out from a luxury condo in the heart of Bangkok’s downtown business district, mistress Devina Posh let it spill to Collared on what inspires her, and the hard work it’s taken to become one of south-east Asia’s hottest fem Dommes.

Her life is now a million miles away from where she once started out in the rough suburbs of Baguio city in the northern Philippines. The life to success has not been an easy or a straight one. Growing up in the Philippines often meant going without.

Her close-knit family were her saviours in dealing with the hardships of her childhood and the day to day struggle. Devina still speaks with a certain fondness of simple times and the upbringing that would one day make her strive for the life she now lives, her career is one that has allowed her to travel and lift herself into a brighter future.

Thank you for chatting with us Mistress Devina Posh, So from the start…

C) How did you start out in the fetish industry? Did you know straight away it was for you?

D) I actually started out as a submissive, I met a guy from London who introduced me to this lifestyle. I did a couple of sessions with him, mostly whipping and flogging, but it was the tease and denial that really excited me the most! To be honest I loved being edged for a long period and then finally getting what I wanted at the end!

C) When was your first Domme role?

D) I was out partying, wearing some latex boots and a nice little dress I had bought when a guy approached me and asked if he could buy me a drink. We got chatting and he later asked me if I would be “interested in dominating him”. I lied a little and said I had been in a dominate role previously (I hadn’t) ha ha, We eventually went back to his hotel. I ended up stepping on him and basically being really cruel! After that, I was hooked!

C) Were you always a dominate person or did the role grow on you?

D) Did I know straight away? Yes I knew it was for me, even after I tried being a sub, I was fascinated by the whole process, the outfits, the leather and props, I found it very exciting and liberating. I knew after that I wanted to be more into the fetish and kink side. I knew i couldn’t go back into normal vanilla sex.

I grew up in a culture with a religion that believes women should be submissive to their husbands, I wouldn’t say I’m submissive but I can be obedient, obedient with a hint of rebellion, ha ha. I would usually obey, but over time would tire and start to rebel. I hate restrictions and rules. My parents call me the “black sheep”. I can’t take orders, I prefer to be in charge, to be the leader. I like to make the decisions.


C)How many years have you been in the industry? Do you have any goals or areas you want to delve deeper into?

D) Iv been in the industry around two years now, every day I wake up and I feel excited about what I’m doing. I’m excited that I found something I really enjoy, it’s not just a job where the goal is to make as much money as I can. Every session has its own uniqueness, some are short and simple or others can be long, drawn-out and complex, depending on what makes each individual client tick. I try and learn from each client, each session. Every sub is different in how they think and what they want, it’s impossible to just stop and say that I know everything about this industry. My Instagram account reads ” Asia’s queen of BDSM, kinks and fetishes” it may sound ambitious, but I like to dream big and aim for bigger goals. I’m working hard and putting my best foot forward, I try and stay hungry, excited and eager to learn new things. I want to be the best at what I do.

C) You are one of Bangkok’s most versatile fem-Dommes, do you have a particular favourite session?

D) Every Domme in Bangkok has their own speciality, I am still new by most Domme standards and still discovering my niche. I knew right from the start that I was a very sadistic mistress and I enjoy being so to my sub’s.

Versatility wise, yes, I am the most sought after when it comes to kink and fetishes. I do common sessions, right through to weird and stomach-churning. People can say “oh she is only doing it for the money” Wrong! I consider every session a learning opportunity, to see the bigger picture and understand the rationale and mindset behind my subs desire to want such a session. I am always eager to learn and understand the puzzle that is going on in their minds. In general, I am very curious about men and women’s sexuality. It’s an adventure, it keeps me excited.

Like I said earlier, I’m a sadistic mistress. I am pleased seeing a sub being manipulated, abused, tortured or in pain by me. I like pushing sub’s to their limit. I like making them do things they later say ” I can’t believe I did that”

Making them endure painfully long hours of agony whilst watching me pleasure myself. The thought of me getting pleasure whilst they suffer is just a wonderful feeling. People often say ” The combination of pain and pleasure”, only I get the pleasure, you get the pain! ha ha


C) You deal with a lot of people and clients, what annoys you?

D) People pretending to be sub’s that really are not. Sub’s asking for sex or blowjob’s. A Domme is not supposed to be fucked by a sub!

Anyone who compares prices! The thing is, every Domme is so different not only in price but also how they handle clients and sessions. My session rates are flexible and I am very considerate for discounts and adjustments, partly depending on how a client talks or treats me. If the complaining starts from the very beginning, it’s goodbye to you. I’m sure they wouldn’t want me to be comparing things with them, like the size of their brain to a more intelligent sub for instance.

Sub’s who ask way, way to many questions! They want every detail every step of the way. If you want such details, book an online session and save my time. My time is precious and I cannot be typing and texting every detail of a session.

Playtime people. People who book sessions without the intention of ever going through with the booking. Assholes basically, it happens time to time. It happens every once in a while, but very rarely. I can detect a play timer easily.

A sub asking the impossible. Asking for a long drawn out session with minimum tribute. My time is valuable, respect me and respect my time and we will get along fine.

C) You seem to love your job, what inspires you?

D) Yes! I do love my job, it’s not just a job for me. Not just a way for me to get money and survive, its a way of life for me. The way in how I express myself and live out my persona. I love being the alpha female in a world of sub males. I am always driven and I love the independence that my job has allowed me to access. I am on a quest to become the most skilled and knowledgeable Domme I can be, to be able to execute my role in an efficient and beautiful manner, that’s what’s driving me.

I have some celebrity Dommes I look up too, Mistress Tangent, Astrodomina and Malikacaramel. I have many more I also share and swap ideas with. They have a very elegant way about themselves, and also a badass uniqueness to them.

C) What’s the most bizarre session request you’ve had so far?

D) The most bizarre so far would have to be one time a sub asked for a “food fetish” session. I and another Domme would be throwing cakes and cream at each other until we were both covered and unrecognizable. The session would also include cracking eggs on top of each others head and face, ha ha. We both wanked him off whilst talking dirty in his ear, it was a very unique and funny session.


C) Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you hope to train others one day?

D) What I do so far is the most exciting working experience I’ve had. I’m liking it very much and hoping to be even more successful in the future. I can’t see myself doing anything else, I eat and breath the kink and fetish lifestyle now. I’m really just concentrating on more years in the industry and gaining new skills. I plan on having my own dungeon and some equally good Dommes to play with me. I would love to meet other Dommes who have similar goals and high standards to work with me and execute our quality work together.

I would love to help out and work with other Dommes that are looking to learn and grow in the industry. That would be a great accomplishment for me, to share with certain chosen people the knowledge and insights I have learnt along the way. I only want to work with the best though, people who have the desire and potential to be great. This life is not for everyone you know.


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