My night of swinging at The Old Hell Fire Club

How I found my way into swinging at The Old Hell Fire Club, one of England’s more traditional style clubs, started with another cold night in my new found city of “London” after moving to the city three months ago, a city more well known for its dreary weather and rowdy football crowds then its sex clubs.

I’d always wanted to get to a swinging event and see what it was all about, being single I’d hoped to find a couple wanting an extra partner. I decided to find the kinkiest and easiest to access the club. After some searching I came across several clubs that looked to be promising, one that caught my attention happened to be near the train line, handy since I had no transport. The name. The Hellfire club. The website looked a little out of date but I was more interested in the event and the people attending.

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Lounging area

Deciding it would be best to go on the weekend I decided to leave a little earlier. I arrived at Waterloo station and took the train out. I arrived at the venue and was met by an attractive European woman who laid out the fee and membership arrangements. I was then instructed how the bar worked “The bar is for storing personal drinks bought before the event,” “we will mark them and serve them to you, as you would like throughout the night.”

It was early, and only a few other people had arrived. I sipped my drink and went for a look around, the layout was a mix of old-fashioned chesterfield lounges and chairs with some low lighting, adding the feel of class to the place. I think it helps to keep things a bit classy in these situations..stops things from feeling seedy..unless of course, you like things that way..anyway this place wasn’t. The dress code reflected that with smart formal required, I had gone with a pair of dress slacks and a button-down shirt. The bar was attached to the dance floor that had some dancing poles in the middle with private rooms flanking both sides of the dance floor. Downstairs had another area that doubled as a cinema room with a separate room for bondage and caning running off the side. A glory hole booth also appeared to be in the mix somewhere.

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I wandered a little more and got chatting with some people, eventually, I found a woman. she was around my age who happened to be a teacher. Apparently. We talked some and then agreed to head into a private room. Things were going well. We started making face, eventually, she was bent over the bench with us going at it hard and fast. The encounter ended both quickly and furiously, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet again at another place and another time.

I went back out to the bar, ordered another drink and headed into the large smoking area that was on the side of the building. The place was a little quiet, to be honest, I guess being on the outskirts of London made things a little more difficult to access. I talked to several people before heading back into the bar. The attractive European woman was back. We got talking ” I usually come and play on Wednesday nights,” she told me. Damn.

The club runs many themed nights throughout the week and the year. The Halloween and Christmas parties attract a few hundred people I was told.

hell fire club, swinging, sex club, sex party, masquerade ball, masquerade, swingers, London nightlife, London, The old hell fire club

“Your boyfriend looks to be having some fun”

Next to the bar was a large private room with a glass front. I could see a couple in there, a man tied to the bed and another woman watching. The woman watching was watching her boyfriend. I knew this because I had seen them earlier in the night. She was attractive. Her nipples were pierced and her back covered by a tattoo. I motioned her to come over. She opened the door and came out. “Your boyfriend looks to be having some fun,” I said. “perhaps you should too.” “You’re right,” she said, taking my hand and leading me over to the Chesterfield couch. My cock was in her mouth, with her stroking and humming away. She was good! an expert I’d have to say. She had me moaning and cumming in no time. She swallowed everything. What a champion, still one of the best I’ve had.

I recovered and went back to the bar. This was my type of party. I spoke to the club manager Peter before finally staggering out into the night to catch the last train back to London. What a night I thought, other than being a little quite I couldn’t have asked for more. I returned to the club a few more times whilst living in London, even to the Halloween bash with a girl I had met out at a club. All were great. If you don’t mind the traveling I recommend the Hellfire club.

The Hell fire club

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