Princess Storm from Fetlife, writes a nasty erotica

We start by getting ready for our dinner. You made reservations at an exclusive restaurant we had waited weeks for. We leave the house and drive towards the posh end of town.You park the car. Before I go to get out you give me a small box wrapped with a golden ribbon from under the seat, I’m excited as I love surprises. You tell me to open it. Inside the box is a cordless bullet… I’m confused but at the same time excited. A sex toy? why would you give me a remote vibrator? Especially outside this expensive restaurant, why now?… OK, well I’ve learned not to question you…You tell me to put it inside my handbag. We walk inside, I look at you as your walking, you have an evil look on your face, I know you are up to something.


We have a romantic table for two, I feel so special, you order us drinks, we discuss what to have for our main course, it all looks appetizing. With a grin on your face, you tell me to go to the ladies toilet remove my underwear and insert the vibrator into my pussy. I walk back to our table, smoothing my dress as I walk. I hand you the remote control, you can press the button anytime you want. Our dinner arrives’s, you look at me with a grin. I can see the expression on your face, your waiting to press the button.

Out of nowhere, some friends arrive. We make small talk with them, you ask if they would like to join us for dinner. Your friends sit down, we begin to chat. I forget about the bullet inside my pussy. You put the remote on your leg. We’re all in deep conversation, you see an opportunity to activate the bullet. I sit up straight, as I can feel my vagina coming to life, my cunt is slowly vibrating. l look at you over the table but you choose not to make eye contact, you keep conversation with your friend. I can see you holding a grin on your face, you continue talking for another few minutes. Out the corner of your eye, you see me bring my napkin up to my mouth muffling my moans, you make out your deep in conversation. I see you turn the remote off, putting it back in your pocket, you watch me recline back into my chair enabling me to finish dinner.

“my cunt is slowly vibrating”

You order me more wine, you love it when I’m tipsy. You seize the opportunity as more wine is delivered reaching again for the remote, this time taking it up a setting. I try not to drop my wine glass. I let out a little moan, trying to brush it off as a cough. You can see it’s pleasuring me, you take it back down to a slow vibrate as you turn it off.

We finish the evening and say goodbye. We start walking back to our car, you quickly put your hand in your pocket for a quick tease of the remote, you love making me wet. In the car, I ask if I can remove the mini vibrator, you say no with a massive grin on your face.


We go looking for a parking area where people make out. The thought of someone watching me have sex excites me. We park. you tell me to get on the bonnet of the car, helping take my dress off, I only have a bra on. I lay back on the bonnet, I start to play with myself, you take my hand away from my pussy. Telling me to pinch my nipples. You take the remote out and hit the button, I start to moan loudly. Watching my body twist and turn. Some people come out of the darkness to watch, as my moaning is getting louder. I cum multiple times. Your playing with your cock. I slide off the bonnet, remove the bullet, it slide’s out easily. I grab your cock, sucking it till you blow your load down my throat. We get dressed, getting into the car. Like teenagers, we drive home giggling. We share the shower at home, still giggling we fall asleep.

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