CleanStream Desensitising Anal Lubricant

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$ 16.99

CleanStream desensitising anal lubricant offers a light numbing effect to help with some of the discomfort experienced with anal sex.

This silky smooth lube is perfect for anal play and helps to reduce friction.

The lubricant comes in a generously sized bottle and specifically designed to be used during anal sex. 


CleanStream Desensitising Anal Lubricant offers a light numbing effect to help with any discomfort you may feel during anal sex

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for CleanStream Desensitising Anal Lubricant

  1. Angus G

    All and All the product is doing its work. Making penetration easy and smooth and it is really easier for beginners who are willing to try anal. I have noticed ,as expected , that due to the fact it is water based. every few minutes you need to reapply the lube. I wish it would have stayed on longer

  2. Ricky Gendy

    Not bad at all!

    Bought this lube online to try with the wife. She loves anal! Was fairly happy with the product.

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