California​ Exotic Dilator Kit

$ 63.99

The California Exotic Dilator Kit is perfect for gently stretch and opening the vaginal walls with minimal discomfort. 

The kit is made from high-grade silicone and comes in a beautiful light pastel pink colour.

The dilators start from a small comfortable size and slowly increase in diameter allowing for you to easily control the size. 

Each dilator is gently tapered at the ends and has a loop handle for you to easily grasp and control the use.  

    1. Anna J

      Helped with my Dilation

      I don’t have any medical problems (at least I think so) but it’s always been difficult to penetrate vaginally, and I want to have sex but I can’t. These helped me a lot, I’m currently on the second to last one which is the biggest I’ve ever gotten. I’m very thankful for these and soon I think I’ll be ready to finally do what I want to do. They’re also very easy to clean!

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  • The California Exotic Dilator Kit is perfect for gently opening the vagina walls to allow to easier sexual penetration. The Dilator kit comes in a cute pastel pink colour.