Resurrection – erection pills review

Resurrection erection/sex pills have recently sprung up on the market, but do they actually work?

We decided to give them a test review and see how they really went.

The Resurrection pills come in a single pill sheet, a 6 pill bottle and a 12 pill bottle.

The packaging on the side appears to have a glowing luminescent cross we’re guessing to signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hopefully also my hard-on.

The pills claim to “increase the time of intercourse”, “free from premature ejaculation” (that wasn’t a problem for me), “Better ejaculation control”, “Increase ejaculation volume” and “increase the overall size of your erection”.

The pills so far were looking to promise quite a lot! to be honest. But I was more interested in how they would go in real life.

I had a date night coming up on Friday night and was eager to try out the Resurrection pills.

The directions on the bottle say to take 1 capsule an hour before sex.

We ended up going out to dinner on the Friday night, I gulped down a capsule an hour or so before I knew we would be headed home to get our jig on.

I didnt notice much, to begin with, but I could slowly but surely feel myself getting harder and harder. By the 2 hour mark, I was hard as a rock! And my date was definitely loving the extra stamina I had developed also!

We ended up really gathering quite a pace! I was surprised at how hard my cock had actually become, by this stage I was pounding and ramming like no tomorrow before we both finally came with a serious bang and collapsed on the bed. The pills really were doing the trick!

We ended up going for two more rounds after that and my hard-on was as hard and as ready as ever!

I’m not sure about the claims of more ejaculation volume, but I could definitely manage an extra round or so after taking the pills.

I could say without a doubt my erection was significantly harder and got harder with noticeable ease after taking the pills.

The claims about a larger erection and more ejaculation volume could have been a little overblown, to be honest.

Overall I was more than happy with how the Resurrection pills worked out! 4 and a half out of 5 stars from me!

I deducted the half star for no noticeable ejaculation volume difference, unfortunately.





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