Where to shop online and get cheap sex toys

Sex toys, rope, leather, gags, cock rings and restraints, its something you are always looking to find and add to your growing collection, and if you’re like me your probably looking for ways to get your fingers on a stack more and not blow a huge hole in your budget. Online shopping can sometimes be a good way to source what you need and want without having to pay top dollar.

If your looking to buy a well-fitted outfit or if seeing the quality of what you intend on purchasing is your priority, checking out a physical store is definitely the way to go. But sometimes it simply isn’t needed and the list below is my top online sites for buying cheaper online toys



AliExpress is run by Alibaba and offers good products for very low prices. Having purchased a number of items off the site I have always found them to be fairly decent quality. Keeping in mind that Alibaba specializes in high production factory-made products if you are after an item that is not likely to take loads of use and punishment like a cock cage or ropes, it’s really hard to go past AliExpress. All of the below items were purchased from Ali and the quality is pretty reasonable. I have also purchased some outfits from the site but would not recommend doing so, as with a lot of cheap mass produced garments the quality and the fit simply isn’t there.










Amazon.com is the one online shopping place that has nearly everything you can possibly imagine and that extends through into sex toys and accessories. If you are looking to save some money but wants something a bit higher in the quality department Amazon is worth a look. The service is good and the items can be purchased using either a credit card or pay pal. Buying from a large site like Amazon also means your more likely to get help or a refund if you are not satisfied with the item you have purchased. The sounding kit below was purchased for $17 USD, the kit comes with a carry pouch and is made from quality stainless steel and finished to a high standard. The penis plug is another item also purchased from Amazon.com

sound 500



Stockroom is one of the high-quality manufactures and sellers I have come across online. The brand has been around for over 20 years and has an amazing selection. Based out of Los Angeles the Stockroom has been a leader in BDSM and bondage gear for a long time and the quality and selection really makes them stand out in this area. Also have purchased items from the site, including the collar and lead below, I can say that stockroom’s products are some of the best as far as fit, design, and manufacturing. The service was also fantastic with a full product catalog being sent out with my order. The prices are definitely more expensive then the last two sites I have listed, but as with everything in life, you really do pay for what you get.


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