The Queen Of Cum Has Arrived

Miss Scarlett ( A regular FetLife member) has been looking to break some records of late…and not the typical Guinness world record types…

Miss Scarlett has a cum fetish. A fetish that has seen her receiving dozens of frozen parcels ( some weighing up to 32oz) in the mail sent from different cum donors around Europe. The kinky fetish developed some years ago and has seen her develop a taste for semen and gain quite a reputation online by filming some of her biggest semen drinking binges so far.

When did your love of downing cum start?

I’ve never not liked cum but I’m assuming your meaning multiple loads!
Well that story starts a few years back early on in our relationship my partner sent me a message asking if I’d be up for trying something for him
And when I asked “what?” he sent me a video of Britney from the cumtrainer site drinking 40 loads of cum that her partner had frozen for her!
Now I love making my man happy so I said I was willing to give it a go starting small
So over the next few days, my partner saved me about 5 loads in a small Tupperware tub in the freezer.
We met up for a coffee at a local Starbucks and he brought the tub with him that he had thawed out ready.
I was a little nervous but seeing how excited he was really turned me on and I drank it down easily as he filmed it on his phone
From there we kept at least doubling the amounts and each time I got more and more into it.

“It started off being just the boyfriend’s cum I was drinking”

How have you managed to source such large amounts of cum for your videos?

It started off being just the boyfriend’s cum I was drinking. Obviously, as the amounts got bigger it was taking longer and longer in between for him to save. So I asked the bf what he thought about me drinking cum from other guys to which he initially said “No”.
During this time we had started posting some of our pics on a few sites and had several guys comment on the pics and send messages saying that if we ever wanted donors they would be happy to send me theirs
We also made friends on the sites with guys that had been saving for a while and had some huge amounts
Eventually, my boyfriend agreed that I could have some donors and from there I posted a status or two online saying I was now after donors and from there I had guys from overseas as far as Germany sending me theirs.

Champagne never tasted so good

So…tell us what’s the most cum you’ve drunk so far?

Since starting to do larger amounts I’ve started measuring the amounts in the videos each time
And my most so far is 32 fl oz which was sent to me from a guy in Germany
At the time this was a huge jump for me and prior to this I’d done roughly half a pint and my next goal was a pint
Now I’d seen the pictures of it on his profile and even as I had it there frozen I was still thinking it was roughly a pints worth it wasn’t until I was pouring it into the glass I realised it was close to 2 and while filming the boyfriend had to quickly grab me a second pint glass from the cupboard.
However, I currently have an even larger amount in my freezer that I’ll be attempting shortly x

Do you have any record your aiming for?

Not really a set amount as such I’ll just keep going until I find my limit I guess x

If you’re interested in watching Miss Scarlett down some hefty amounts of sperm, a link to her Fetlife account is below.

Miss Scarlett (Fetlife)

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  • Joshua
    Posted at 17:20h, 14 February Reply

    This article is fantastic! So hot to finally see Miss Scarlett’s cumfetish and Gokkun feats make it to something like this. The pictures were so sexy. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • BukkakeRocky
    Posted at 19:36h, 18 February Reply

    Can’t wait to see the new vids!

  • Miss Scarlett
    Posted at 13:06h, 19 February Reply

    Hope you enjoy reading the interview x

    And glad to hear your all still enjoying the videos and looking forward to new ones 😉

  • CumLover
    Posted at 16:11h, 07 September Reply

    I would love to see your videos babe, how do I do?

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